For many years these scores have been accumulating the equivalent of dust in my computer. I have no wish to sell them anymore than I would wish to sell my children. On the other hand it would be encouraging if they could get out and see a bit more of the world. [leggi in italiano] [lire en français] [auf deutsch lesen]

I work for Prima Materia, a community based music project which is involved with youth and adult education in Italy and the use of music in disadvantaged situations, ranging from music therapy, working with immigrants, to projects in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The association is, as might be expected, constantly in need of financial support (from buying new instruments to the restructuring of the building we live and work in) and whilst my role is to ‘do music’ not ‘get money’ I would like to think that I can also help out in a little way to ensure that our projects can continue.

To this end I prefer to think that, if my work as a composer and arranger is interesting to someone, instead of buying a product they offer a donation directly to Prima Materia. Therefore I place a minimum offer on the scores in return for the possibility to accompany my ‘children’ to explore new musical situations.

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Not exactly a young ‘up and coming’ musician, Henry Brown

has been active as composer, arranger, conductor, pianist and trumpet player for many years in Italy where he has helped to found the Prima Materia community music project which works with youth ensembles and in adult music education in Montespertoli, Tuscany and for whom he has composed and arranged music ranging from simple works for beginners to a large scale opera lirica for advanced students.

Since 2006 he has been involved with music projects in Palestine and Lebanon, directing workshops and organizing exchanges between Palestinian students and young musicians from Italy.

Henry Brown holds a D.Phil in composition from York University, England. He studied composition with Sylvano Bussotti and worked as assistant to Luciano Berio. He is active as pianist and conductor, performing throughout Europe.