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Sylb. (H. Brown)


a short birthday gift to Sylvano Bussotti

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Torn Petals (H. Brown)


Discarded leaves with a small but relevant element of theatre

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7 Movements for piano trio (H. Brown)


after Muybridge

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Studi Ermetici (H. Brown)


V.I.T.R.I.O.L. – Solve et Coagula (albedo) – Kundalini (rubedo) – P.aS.sacaglia

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Concerto for 2 cellos and orchestra (G. F. Handel arr. H. Brown)


Arranged from the Sonata for 2 violins & continuo in G minor, Op.2 No.8, HWV 393 by Georg Friedrich Händel.

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Interlocking Pairs (H. Brown)


A piece for 2 intimately linked performers

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Five . . . Far . . . Fall (Henry Brown)


5 unfinished romantic pieces (after Schumann)

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Rondo for violoncello and wind ensemble (Antonin Dvorak arr. H. Brown)


Orchestration of the original cello and piano piece using the same instrumentation as the J. Ibert cello concerto

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